6 crazy days to produce this, but what a great concept. Ellie, Stuart and Christina at PALM Arnold, thank you so much. Black and white, no music, tiny logos and no prices. That takes guts!...I loved doing it.

Kun, I cannot thank you enough for the absolutely stunning work you have done on this spot. The fact that you did it in six days baffles the mind...I cannot see how it could be any more beautiful. I actually got shivers the first time I saw it full screen. It is a testament to your talent, that of Ellie and Stuart and superb overall team work. I am very proud of the spot and it will certainly be a showcase for the agency. Thank you to you and your team for giving up all semblance of a personal life for the past six days, we are very grateful.

We very much look forward to working with you again.
— Christina Brown, PalmArnold, Montreal

Production : 6ix degrees and Frame, Annie Normandin (Frame), Daniel Leblanc (6ix Degrees)

Creative Director (Frame) :  Karl Rhainds

Motion Graphics and compositing : Gabriel Poirier-Galarneau

Graphic Design : Veronica Veronica

3D modelling, animation and lighting : Robert Rioux, Patrick Perrault