Blast from the Past

Short 15 min, HD 

This film (and the sister film Catherine) sprung out of the frustration of how long it takes to get a project funded. When I was at the Royal College of Art, Director Terry Gilliam came in and told us how as a young man he used to meet up with his friends every Sunday near Central Park and they would do a film on his 16mm camera. I wanted to do something similar - a quick film where if it was good we would edit and if not well, we'd just had fun for a day. Out of this sprang a series of improvised films with the overall title: Bedtime Stories. It was an amazing experience seeing what good actors can do with a few secrets and some information about their relationship and who they are.


Véronica: Pascale Bussières

Marie-Christine: Maude Guérin

Director : Kun Chang

Story development. Kun Chang with Martin Perizzolo

Produced by Annie Normandin & Antonello Cozzolino

Produced by Facteur 7

With financing from the Canadian Arts Council

And with the collaboration of Spirafilm

Associate Producer: Kun Chang

Director of Photograpy: Geneviève Perron 

Editor: Sophie Farkas-Bolla

Music: Luc St. Pierre

Mixeur: Luc Préfontaine, La Majeure

Casting: Anik Pion