Hi Kun!

We can't believe it's over -- but couldn't be happier with the final result.  We really appreciate all the time & dedication that you & your team brought to this project, and it really shows.  The final output is fantastic, and I'm glad to hear that you're as happy with it as we are.

The reception has been awesome from both Raptor's fans & the client alike.

Any recognition it receives, we'll be sure to send your way -- here's some to get you started: http://www.bardown.com/kyle-lowry-explains-why-the-raptors-will-rise-up-this-season-in-awesome-comic-book-style-video-1.888812

Thanks again, so much!  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               -Brendan & Max, Anomaly


This project was a lot of fun to do - on a crazy schedule. It is crammed full of details that fans of the Raptors will pick up on - and people who shop a lot at Sport Chek


The team working



Production Studio : Studio Pascal Blais

Director : Kun Chang

Art Director : Guillaume Blackburn

Illustrators and Designers: 

Franco Egalite, Morgane Bouiller, Michael Renaud, 

Benjamin Gaboury, Guillaume Blackburn

Animators : 

Etienne Dufresne, Dominique Coté, Myriam Arsenault, Mylene Sansoucy, 

Lisandre Theriault Brunet, Laurianne Fortin, Michael Renaud

Senior Compositor : Marc-André Bourgoin

Assistant Compositors and Illustrators : 

Dominique Coté, Myriam Arsenault, 

Mylene Sansoucy, Lisandre Theriault Brunet, Laurianne Fortin

Executive Producer : Stefanie Bitton

Production Coordinator : Gabrielle Jochym


Agency: Anomaly             

Partner & ECD: Dave Douglas

Copywriter: Brendan Scullion

Art Director: Max Bingham

Account Director: Karim Tubbeh

Account Supervisor: Kait Babin

Producer: Martina Esguerra


Client: Sport Chek (FGL Sports Ltd)

President: Duncan Fulton

Associate Vice President: Erika DeHaas

Brand Manager: Sarah Major

Brand Advisor: Jody Bell

Sport & Strategic Partnerships Manager: Leslie Bradshaw

Stakeholder Relations Advisor: Taylor Durand

Creative Team Lead: Matt Schwartz

Social Media Team Lead: Tony Johanson