The opening cinematic of inspired tricking makes you want to invest the time to make this game pay off.
— Jennifer Hauseman,
Kun Chang helms a nice animated opener for Ubisoft’s new console title, And1 Streetball.
— - Boards Magazine

The opening cinematic for the Ubisoft's videogame And1. Created in LA and Montreal in a whirlwind. We got a call in mid December, spent Christmas in LA and finished the project in Montreal.

Winner: 15th Applied Arts Design & Advertising 


Director, Art-Director, Concept: Kun Chang

Production Company: Ubisoft Cinematics Studio, Montreal
Producer: Jean-Jacques Tremblay, Anne LeBouyonnec
Concept: Laurent Bernier, Nicolas Fortin, Kun Chang
Art Direction: Raphaël Lacoste, Kun Chang
Textures and Shading: Nicolas Fortin, Dominique Grandmont
Graffiti: Monk.e (K6A), SAER (K6A)
Animation: Laurent Bernier
Additional Animation: André De Angelis, Josée Lupien, Lisa Hwang
Lighting / Rendering: Guylaine Rhéaume, Simon Pelletier, Myriam Laforest, André Bastien, Dominique Grandmont
Compositing: Louise McDonald, Vissal Ong, Jihane Geadah, Jean-François Ferland, Dominic Tremblay
Editing: Pierre Ayotte