We were approached to develop a creative concept based on a Rube Goldberg machine to illustrate how the new Nestle Optipro baby formula works to improve and maintain the four main systems in a growing baby.

The idea was to communicate, through a series of interconnected events, how the four systems (Stomach, Heart, Lungs and Brain), are visibly improved by the introduction of the baby formula product.

Although the main goal was to create a spot that speaks to and inspires mom's by explaining the different processes in her baby's body, one of the biggest challenges we faced was to communicate this in a way that demonstrated a functioning machine that is improved upon the introduction of the product.

We all felt that an organic real machine would feel better than doing it in CG; therefore, we painstakingly designed and built a machine that not only functions, but keeps functioning in an improved way, and resolves to the silhouette of a child upon the final pull back.

The custom-made machine was built based on 2D designs and 3D previsualization. All props were hand-made and fabricated by stop-motion artists and art directors. It measured 8' in height, 6' large and 22' in length from start to end of legs.

Myriam presenting her designs for figurines

Myriam presenting her designs for figurines

Work in progress

Animatic to test the machine and shots